5 Signs of Emotional Cheating!

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Did sometime happen to hide that you are in relationship? Besides lying, it is the first indicator that things between you and your partner are not so rosy. Emotional infidelity is worse than physical. But apart from the physical they are often without any clear boundaries. However there are some small signs that reveal emotional infidelity. Here they are:


If you hide it and you are saying that you do not have anyone, though telling untruths, it is the first indication that there is a problem and that you are not respect your partner.


There is no man who does not dream. But when that dream will become just a single person (and this is not your partner) and occurs more frequently, and it is one of the signs that alert the problem. Especially if your head and visualize your life with him.



One is to listen with a person once and another thing if in a longer period of time you have a lot of message exchange. But constant correspondence is something completely different.

Harmless flirting

With anyone and in any situation, even before the partner. Flirt certainly improves self-esteem, which often can be lost in a relationship, but if you do it in front of your partner, it is a sure sign of its understatement.


If in your life there is someone who you reveal your deepest secrets and talk with him more often than with your partner, it’s time to think about what to do and what you want.

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