Wrong Way of Living is the Cause of 40% of Cases of Cancer!

Four of the 10 cases of cancer, and possibly more, could be avoided if people lead healthier life and would be physically active, and this just proves that people can do a lot to protect themselves from the disease.

The recent research published in the UK showed that the biggest factor for cancer, which is possible to avoid, is smoking, and right behind it is unhealthy nutrition.


Considering these facts, experts urge people to start making positive decisions, like leave smoking, stop consuming alcohol and exercise more often.

The results of the survey found that in the period from 2007 to 2011 in the UK have been observed more than 300,000 cases of cancer caused by smoking, 145,000 from unhealthy diet, 88,000 cases caused by obesity and 62 200 patients with cancer due to excessive consumption of alcohol.


Also, experts warned that the sun and physical inactivity are important factors that increase the risk of cancer.

“There is no doubt that the way of life can have a profound impact on the risk of cancer. All studies in the world point to the same conclusion, “said Max Parkin of charity” Cancer Research UK “, which conducted the survey.

fast food

“Certainly during the holidays we will afford to eat a lot. We do not want to ban cookies and wine, but this is a good time to consider taking some healthy habits in 2015, “added Parkin, transmit” BBC “.


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