Why do we Gain Weight after a Diet?

Wieght Loss

Probably it happened to you – you are very careful for days, weeks, months and at last you came to the desired weight, but in a few months everything is back to old…

Losing weight is so traumatic process, you barely wait to finish and to achieve the goal, but the research made by Dr. Phil have shown that it is really not too often the case – just a little more than 40% of people really achieve that goal.

To make matters worse, nearly all of them return the lost weight within three months to a year, so the favorite of Oprah Winfrey tried to find out who are the main reasons for the return of weight.


At first you get bored! People really get bored to eat the same food every day, which is rapidly causing the return of bad habits and junk food. Of course, you should find a healthier alternative, but only few succeed that.

Temptation is also present – it’s very rarely someone to be lucky to live in an environment that will fully support his / her efforts, so before them different kinds of food is appearing and they cannot surpass that – it all start as “reward for successful download weight” and very quickly after that indulge in full of those “sweet sins” because simply they adore that food.

Finally, inconsistent results have a strong influence on the will of a person who is on a diet – if you do not lose weight evenly. Beside their initial success, most people give up their diet and return to old habits.

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