What To Do If The Relationship Is Great, But The Intimate Part Is Bad!?

young couple in bed

Even in the best marriages or long relationship, after some time the intimate relations often become boring, non-innovative. Couples often choose to ignore this problem, so in time problem is bigger and bigger, but this can be solved in three simple steps.

Takeover initiative

If you are aware that something is wrong, the next step is to try to correct. Take the matters into your own hands and find a solution. Show your partner what you like, try out something new and you will see that you will feel better. So next time instead of the standard missionary position, surprise the partner and catch him. Close his eyes and do something you’ve never done it.

Discuss about it

We know that this is not the most beautiful and most pleasant topic of conversation, but you will be surprised how much better you will feel when you talk honestly with your partner. Admit you have a problem and then try to find a solution together. After all, every good relationship is based on honesty. But the conversation should not stops when you take off your clothes, contrary!

Than it is important to say what you like and ask whether he would like to try something new and different.

Do not be afraid of toys

Most of experienced couples say that these devices have saved their intimate life, so do not be ashamed to pay a visit to nearby shop. Therefore it would be best to take your partner, and go together to choose a toy that suits you best. Producers now make devices that can give great pleasure to both, men and women.


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