What Kind of Boots Fit You!?


Shoe shops are full of boots in different lengths: boots to knees, knee boots … probably wondering what is fashionable this fall/winter and what will be best fit? Here are some tips.


  1. If you are tall and wiry, you don’t have to worry about each model perfectly will suits you, whether you wear them with a mini-skirt, dress to the knee, tight jeans or leggings. If you are not aware of how beautiful your long legs are, then “Cut” the model to a half boot.
  2. Clearly you can have the same model, which is ideal boots to the knee, but only those that are tight. .
  3. Over knee boots will visually “elongated” legs, but did not wear if you’re larger hips. Do not wear boots over knees with high heels during the day, unless part of a carnival as a female cat from the same movie!
  4. Short boots, which are now very popular, especially if you have no heels and studs, great with jeans, trousers, leggings and skirts. Comfortable and spectacular, so are a great solution for situations when you when out right from work to nightlife.
  5. Puss in Boots will look as if the boots bend knees by wearing them with tights. They better fit with tight pants or shorts of fabric, velvet or velvet.
  6. Boots as Peter Pan boots you can wear them with a narrow skirt or dress in any length. They are better suited for those with thin legs, but not for women with strong sheets.
  7. We all know that “boots keep your head”, but it is not a unique feature of these shoes. They need to look good at work, you can be comfortable and warm during the walk.

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