What Colors Of Nail Polish Is Good For Short Nails?

The choice of color depends on the length of the nails, and the effect you want to achieve. When it comes to short nail there isn’t any rules because due to length “suffer” all shades.

Dark bow

Although you may believe that dark shades further constrain short nails with a small trick in paint you can achieve the opposite effect. Namely, if you want to visually elongated nails, dark bow is the ideal choice. Observe only bow to apply it to the edges of the nail and will achieve exactly this effect.

Different patterns of Nail Polish

Translucent lacquer

Transparent lacquer is a good choice if you want a discreet glow, but if you paint your nails in a hurry. Namely, the transparent varnish is difficult to know how for example the red, which requires quite a steady hand and concentration. The effect that gives groomed nails per minute.

Nail in pastel colors

Smooth pastel colors are the perfect compromise between dark and transparent varnish, and there is a wider range, so you will find the shade you like. They, unlike the dark colors, give a more natural look, and easily applied because small irregularities in the application there are not as easy as in dark shades. The effect is attractive and  impressive hands.

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