What Can Cure Cat’s Purr?!

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The fulfilment in our lives that bring pets that constantly we are hearing about and purr of the cats is one of the leading ways of treatment that these beautiful animals apply on their owners.

By awareness of the purr effects that cats have on people, the association “Animal Care” from Pakistan made a useful guidebook with information that just will learn the advantages of the cuddling of your cat into the legs, although sometimes it annoys you.

Reduces stress

The vibrations that are generated during the purr of the cats have sedative effect on the nervous system of humans and that calms us. In this way reduces stress and tension regularly feel after returning from work.

Diagnose made with purr

The doctors are becoming more aware of the “powers” that own cats. After many series of studies, the doctors came to the conclusion that the purr of cats varies from a moment of enjoyment and warning people about something is wrong with them.  There have been many study type of purr which is different depending on the disease.


Lowers blood pressure

The blood pressure is among the things that cats can regulate. We are not saying that they can replace drugs, but we are confident that they will have good effect on you.

Strengthens the bones

According to the global orthopedic association, the frequency of 25-200 Hz, which produces cats during purr, is best to strengthen the bones.

Reduces the risk of heart attack

According to recent studies of Cardiology, cat owners have a 40 percent lower risk of heart attack.

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Removes swelling and infections

Experts also say that strong vibrations that cats produce affect the acceleration of circulation, that makes faster reduction of swelling and eliminate the infection from organism.

Positive impact on ligaments and muscles

Many professional athletes noticed incredibly positive effect of their cats in the moments when they were tired muscles or had damage to ligaments and tendons. Scientists were able to confirm this phenomenon through research, so now many sports therapists recommend sportiest to keep cats as pets.


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