Weight Loss – Should I be Worried?

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Many people when their pets lose weight they attributed to the normal aging process of their pet. Often, pet significantly weaken before the owner becomes aware of the problem. The fact is that any change in the body has a cause, even when the cause is not obvious. Weight loss can be a symptom of chronic diseases. The most severe form of weight loss is the loss of muscle mass. Weight Loss can occur for many reasons, but the most common is caused by a dysfunction of organs. Renal insufficiency and heart disease are the most common causes muscle loss in pets. Metabolic disorders such as Cushing’s disease and diabetes can also cause chronic weight loss.

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Hyperthyroidism is very common in older cats. Weight loss happens in spite of increased appetite, a cat will often vomit. Other symptoms usually follow the problem created by the loss of muscle. Increased water intake is always a symptom of disease, and changes in appetite and behavior are also a common symptom. Senility is possible in older animals, but must exclude all factors that contribute to weight loss.

In the case of unexplained weight loss, it is necessary to do a complete review and analysis of blood. Analysis of blood and urine tests can detect a variety of disorders that lead to weight loss. Routine examination may help in monitoring the weight of your pet and show whether the weight changes over time. For pets older than seven years recommended examination by a veterinarian twice a year. Dogs and cats age faster than men, and their one year is nearly equivalent to human decade.

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The prognosis of the disease is always better when it is detects on the start. The chances of a slowdown or even restore the previous weights depend on the treatments and causes weight loss. Increasing the amount of food you give your pet is likely to be a temporary solution. Metabolic changes that cause weight loss can not be solved by increasing the calories.

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