Video: LaFerrari vs Mclaren P1!!! Which One Is Better!?

laferrari front

CAR magazine are the first to have the privilege to take head to head 2 of the fastest hybrid supercars in the world right now. Those cars are the Mclaren P1 and the LaFerrari. Both of them have combined hybrid and petrol engines in their cars, which produce over 900 bhp ( the P1 has 903, the laferrari has 950 ). Both of them are friendly to the environment because of their hybrid engines, who are producing small amount of carbon dioxide, also they are not passing the noise regulations in hybrid mode, so you can drive them anywhere you want to, they are economical in some ways too.

P1 and LaFerrari







But when you engage the petrol engine, well that’s a different story, they become a full track day monsters and there is no other car that can match with the insane speed that they produce. So which one is better!? Check out this great video below…

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