Useful Mobile Applications for Parents!


My Baby & Me by Philips AVENT

This application helps you easily track the progress of your baby about his height, weight, eating, sleeping, and how many times the diaper has been changed. Also, you can see the special moments. You can make a video of them and share it with your loved ones via Facebook.

  • my baby and me philips

Baby Connect

This application is incredibly useful for all new mothers and fathers. Comprehensive, well designed and easy to setup. Helps keep things in order around the schedule for sleeping and eating, baby’s temperature, moods and more. The data you enter in a graph which is easy to operate and then you can post them on social networks.

baby connect

WebMD Baby

This application serves to consult with it about many things, you can record important moments of your baby, and even advise about colds and other minor problems that can occur with your baby (Of course, first consult your doctor). In addition, there are helpful articles and videos that you can follow.

webmd baby

White Noise Baby

This application will help your baby to relax, stop crying, sleep better with mimicking sounds that soothe. These include sound produced shells when you put the ear, the sound of a car driving, classical music, and even the sounds of the womb.

white noise baby

Once Upon a Potty

If your child is learning to go in the potty, but not in diapers, this application can be of great help. There is a choice of male and female child who will assist in training and will make the process much easier.

once upon a potty

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