True Love, Does It Really Exist!?

Brad Angelina

One the most controversial topics in the 21 century, probably, is ‘’Love’’ and does it exist like it used to be. The reason why this question is asked, is probably because we live in a material world, where true love is disappearing from that reason ( the material things are more considered than the spiritual and the emotional ones ). We say this with respect, because, some of you can find themselves in this post, and we don’t want to harm your feelings or say something that will insult you. All of us, you – the viewers, we – the writers, and everybody else, may find, or may founded true love, so maybe this problem is already solved. However, in the celebrity’s life, well, is different, as you will see some examples where the problem is occurred. We will give you our thoughts, and you can comment as well whatever the case is ( if you agree, don’t agree, your opinions… ). Also we have to mention that we don’t want to disrespect any of the celebrity’s…

So, let’s begin with the examples:

Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk

cristiano ronaldo irina shayk

This is an example that occurs to us that Ronaldo and Irina have a very good relationship ( we hope they have ), but our point is that the beautiful Irina can choose every man on the planet, and no one will say no to her, but she decided to be with the best and the most popular footballer in the world right now – Ronaldo. Get our point!?

Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy

Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy

In this example, it also appears that ‘’love’’ is not in question, because just look at them and tell us where do the combine in their outside appearance. Maybe Peter has good soul or something else..

Wayne Rooney and Coleen Rooney

Wayne Rooney and Coleen Rooney

We all respect Wayne as a football player, captain, and person, but so often it can be seen in public with Coleen, and immediately people react that they saw the beauty and the beast…

Leo Messi and Anotnella Roccuzzo

messi wife

Well, Leo is not a top model, he is one of the or the best footballer in the world, but also he is not so bad looking either, however when you see him with Antonella, it comes to mind that you want to be a football player and you say that life can be pretty…

Bastian Schweinsteiger and Ana Ivanovic

bastian ana

Bastian is a FIFA World Cup Champion, and Ana back in the days was No.1 on ATP list, so both of them are famous, successful with wonderful careers, but really, Ana and Bastian!? Ana, you can find so much better ( at least better looking man ).

Sulley Muntari and Menaye Donkor

Menaye and Sulley

Muntari plays in A.C. Milan and Menaye is former Miss Universe Ghana. Enough said.

Those were the examples where, we think that love is not particular in first place, that money, fame or something else is in question. Maybe we are wrong, but that’s just an opinion. Now we will give you a couple of examples that indicate ( in our opinion ) that love is on top.

Roger and Mirka Federer

roger and mirka

We think that this is the best example which shows that true love exists. Roger is the best tennis player that ever played, Mirka is a former tennis player as well. Roger could have anyone else, but he choose his true love, Mirka..

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie

Both of them are perfect for each other, their love appeared on set, during the making of Mr and Mrs Smith. Honestly we think that they are perfectly matched, and probably the best looking couple in the world.

So, the conclusion is not easy, despite the examples that indicate that is more about the material stuff, we do believe that true love exist…

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