The Origins of Santa’s Suit

Today we may not think of Santa Claus without the red suit with white fur and a thong, but the original idea was – beige suits for the famous grandfather.

Also, many think that the suit is meant l for Coca-Cola commercial, but it is not true. In fact, Santa Claus in a red suit was made by the cartoonist and draftsman of comics – Thomas Nast for “Harper’s Weekly” newspaper.


He drew Santa in this recognizable suit, and according to the original idea, it should be in a beige color. Nast thought about painting the suit in green, but at the end he decided to be red.

At the beginning, the beloved grandfather was smaller, so no problem to climb on the roof and enter the chimney, and after some time he gained weight.

Thomas Nast Santa

Nast is also credited for other “equipment” of Santa Claus – he first drew the black belt and boots, hat and thick white beard.

Santa Claus

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