The Future Is Here, Smartphone On Your Skin


Smart tool with micro projector provides images directly on your hand, and the sensors react to position of your fingers. Technology progress faster and faster, and soon you will be able to use your smart device with a touch of your skin. The company named “Cicret”, made the latest type of smart device. “Cicret bracelet” is a smart device and look like bracelet, witch in the beginning will works using a smartphone, and the objective is in the future to work independently. Your phone can be in your pocket, or nearby, and you will be able to work on your own skin. This device will be waterproof, so it can be used anywhere. With the position of the bracelet will be able to decide whether you want the display to appear on the top or bottom of your forearm. To activate the device needs only to swipe left­-right on the skin with your other hand.

Cicret Bracelet

Customers will be able to use all the functions as now, only instead of display will touches their skin. The small projector sends the image bracelet of your skin, and 8 sensors calculate where is your finger during the touch, and also send a signal that allows the device to respond to touch. The bracelet contains USB input, acceleration meter, “Bluetooth” device and wireless internet. The company “Cicret” currently collect resources for the final realization of the project, and so far they are 3263 investors. The smart bracelet is expected to appear on the  market in July 2015th and the price will be between 379 and 471 euros.

cicret bracelet 2

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