Technologies that will be Popular in 2015


Technology and innovations are changing the world, but what is it that will mark the technology in 2015?  Mashable make a list of trends who promise big changes in the future.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

All steps lead to revolution of artificial intelligence. Microsoft already uses machines to analyze speech and talk so that the new Skype Translator except that translates in real time will also imitate the tone of speech. Will develop similar software and hardware that can learn and think like us. Depending on how far will technology go, we will have the opportunity to see interesting changes in the services of Google, and later we will have the opportunity to see robots who will speak and understand what they are told about.


Robotic Muscle 2

It is still early to predict that robots will finally arrive in 2015, however the fact is that humanoid robots in the style of C-3PO is a distant future. But, it is worth to say that robots in the next year will be greater mission for scientists.

Nanotechnology and science materials


In 2014 we saw a number of successes on the field of nanotechnology that deals with structures constructed of materials and devices useful in medicine, electronics and energy production. Nanotechnology may also find use in technology starting from new materials to waterproof phones and smart fabrics in 2015.



A few months ago the National Institute of Standards and Technology announced that scientists are working on developing batteries based on sodium, a complex metal hydride, which may lead to more stable and more powerful batteries.

Flexible displays

Flexible Tablet

Finally we can see products with curved screens as LG HDTV and Gear Fit of Samsung. Exactly 2015 could be a good start in the markets for displays. There is good chance to see unique products with flexible displays next year.

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