Taoism: Way For Better Life

Seitenkyu Taoist temple in Saitama

Taoist learning comes from Chinese thought and endowed with mysticism which has always been attractive for people around the world. Taoism is not a religion, but it is a practical thought about art of living. Tao is the essence of everything that can be followed only by intuition, not with the heart and not with the mind.

If you want to practice Taoism as a way of life, here are some of his practical thoughts:

  1. Take care and help them to those that reflect your personal nature.
  2. Be honest with yourself.
  3. Connect with world as we would like to be accepted.
  4. Connect with those that are contrary to your nature.
  5. To those who do not want to fully accept you as we are, is not required any action: Leave them in silence, there will be themselves, such as you.
  6. I do not own anything, you are only protector of nature.
  7. Make harmony between mind, body and spirit. Practice martial arts to keep the body strong, yoga to make your body firm, meditation to clear your mind, ride bike to release the spirit. Read poetry … So, primarily getting familiar with yourself, and then with the world.
  8. Take enough time, relax, explore. Taoism has no plans, it is based on tracking your mood, and trust in your instincts.
  9. Everything contains in pause of your breath. Take a deep breath when you need pause, through breathing you are connecting with yourself.
  10. Before you take the next step – smile. Smile opens possibilities.
  11. There are 6.5 billion people in the world same as paths in Taoism, each person can teach us something.
  12. Sometimes silence is required, because this is the only way to listen yourselves and not hustle.
  13. People want to reach perfection as a life goal … However it should not be like that, you should be good at something and with that to accept every small imperfections. Imperfections are elements of chaos that it gives individuality and diversity of the person. Without our flaws would not be individuals
  14. You have to accept the best and worst moments in our live. Dispose of expectations. Taoists live without expectations, lives here and.  By rejecting the instructions and expectations you do the right thing for yourself.

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