Smartphone That Makes Self Destruction

boeing black

Companies “Boeing” and “Blackberry” develop “Boeing Black” phone that is destructive, intended for security agencies.

US aircraft manufacturer “Boeing” has joined forces with the Canadian company “Blackberry” to produce “self-destruct” “Boeing Black” phone, designed for security agencies.

High insured smartphone until now was known only to fans of the film series “Mission Impossible”.

The two companies at first specialized in the production of smart phones, and after that in the field of aeronautics.

For now, however, not disclosed when the device is on the market, but is not known to us his price.

“We are pleased to announce that” Boeing ” in cooperation with” Blackberry “develop secure mobile solution for Android devices that use our” BES 12 “platform,” said the press conference General Director of “Blackberry” John Chen, adding that it is everything is allowed to say.

“Blackberry Enterprise Service” or “BES 12” will allow customers to manage and ensure not only edit the “Blackberry” the internal networks, but also those of competing operating systems, as the ones on “Google” and “Apple “.


Without the ability to service

It is a phone that has the ability to self-destruct and foremost should be intended for employees in the Department of Defense and Homeland Security.

The device, which runs the software “Android”, would encrypt calls, and would destroy the data contained on it, if they are operated without authorization.

The phone will not have any part that can be serviced and any attempt to service or replacement parts will destroy the product, reports Al Jazeera.

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