Scientists Claim: Hormones Completely Rule Women!

hormonal woman

Scientists claim that hormones completely rule the women, because new research has shown that female is very sensitive to their effects than previously believed. For example, the hormone cortisol, which is secreted in stressful situations, when it is slightly elevated is causing turbulent reactions at women, more than men.

This explains why women often too emotionally react in unimportant situations. Also, the stronger sex better deal with stress and submit it, men do not panic they focus on the problem.


Studies have confirmed that women are more prone to depression and to posttraumatic disorders. But experts do not yet know the biological reasons for that kind behavior. They came to the conclusion based on the study of brain cells. Women’s brains react more intensely, while the men brains in stressful situations are giving the order to reduce the level of protein leads to calmer reactions.

Until menopause emotions are more intensive and more shown at women then at men, women not always successfully can control emotions, sometimes they can “cool down”, but ┬ánever react nearly as calm as men.

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