Russian Old Medicine: Clean The Liver Using The Raisins!

Sunmaid Raisin Pile

The liver in the human body acts as a “blood factory”, as well as helping to strengthen and stimulate the digestive system. But, the most important function is the purification and elimination of all toxins and impurities of the blood.We present the Russian national recipe, raisins that can clean your liver. But be careful when you buy raisins. Do not buy a bright yellow raisin. Organic raisin, without chemical additives and good quality is with no splendor, not too soft, wrinkled and dark brown. In a glass of warm water add a half cup of raisin and leave for 15 minutes. Then well Rinse. Well cleaned raisin place the bowl in which you fill with boiled water at room temperature to the top. And leave it until the next morning. When you wake up drink it on an empty stomach and eat the raisins. After that, for hour or two lie down in bad and in the right side of your stomach put warm compresses. This procedure is most useful if repeats 4 times in a month, twice a year.

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