Only For The Bravest : “Surf” The Longest Glacier In Europe

People constantly find new ways on how to satisfy their appetite for adrenaline, so one of the extreme sports intended only for the serious and courageous “addicted to adrenaline excitement” is the following. Namely, it is hydro speeding or river boarding, kind of extreme sport within which athletes with special boards, “surf” on water surfaces, a water that moves at high speed.


Usually this sport is practiced in “ordinary” rivers, but a group of enthusiasts decided to climb their adrenaline to a whole new level, enjoying the “surfing” in the cracks filled with water between frozen glaciers. “There are two main dangers in the practice of this extreme sport,” said the adventurers for the  “Outside” magazine.

glacier 2

“First, the water that we surf at some point flows into deeper cracks and secondly, glacial lakes from which originated the water often overflow in warmer periods, which can lead to the breakdown of already established channels” – explained the brave adventurers.

glacier 3

However, despite the obvious risks, it appears that the world appears new extreme sport that many people accept with enthusiasm. French mountain athlete Claude Allen and specialist study of canyons, Giles Janin, decided to enjoy this extreme sport along the longest glacier in Europe, the Aletsch glacier in Switzerland.

glacier 6

The brave duo, though it ran the risk of being taken by strong currents and bumped into the hidden crevices, they enjoyed the adrenaline, despite the potential on them to tear down part of the glacier, that piece of ice with a huge weight. Photographer David Karlier through his lens captured the adventure of these two brave athletes, and how it looked, you can look at the photos.

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