Ojmjakon: The Coldest Village In The World

Ojmjakon is a village located in the Republic Jakutija in Russia. Although the name of this village means “water does not freeze”, because of the hot springs located nearby, Ojmjakon is declared as the coldest village on Earth. In this village the average temperature is -51 ° C in January and temperature of -71 ° C in February, in 2013.

ojmjakon najladnoto selo

Living in Ojmjakon is not easy or simple and comes with a package of some interesting and challenging additions.  And do not be surprised if the glasses you wear stick to your face or the battery of your flashlight will spend in short time. Don’t expect network for your mobile phones here, and even if it exists, then the battery of your phones would not endure the cold. Among other things, if you don’t have garage with heating where you can leave your car, then you have to leave it turned on during the entire day.

The season for planting and growing any vegetables is quite short, so instead of vegetables and fruits, people who live in Ojmjakon mostly feed with fish, meat of reindeers or horses and milk of animals from the farms. Although the lack of vitamins exists in fruits and vegetables, these people do not have any problems with nutrition.

ojmjakon najladnoto selo vo svetot

In Ojmjakon you can see many unique houses and their improvisations. Currently here are living around 500 people, who purchase the needed supplies from a single store in the village. Also, there is only one gas station. The clothes that can keep you warm from too low temperatures are Ojmjakon furry coats and boots of reindeer that cost up to 300 euros.

Even though Ojmjakon is known for incredibly cold winters, its surroundings have beautiful nature and it is popular as a summer and winter destination for people from all over the world. Many companies during the summer and winter period, offer tours through amazing nature that surrounds Ojmjakon.


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