It is Time to Choose a Dress for New Year!

black dress 2015

Countdown to the craziest night started, and you still do not have bought a dress. Before you go out on a shopping keep in mind that the form of the body is crucial when choosing this fashion piece.

If your figure is in the shape of an hourglass, definitely a sleek black dress with round collar will emphasize your great body line.

If your body is more rectangular, consider one that has spread in the bottom, but the waist is narrower and has a round neckline.

dress 2015

To hide that your shoulders are wider than your hips, choose a dress that follows the line of the body and high heels.

For women whose situation is reversed, the solution is in the classical model and prominent collar, which will distract the neck, not the hips. This is typical for women with pear shaped body, and a recommendation for those with athletic construction is corrugated dress with V-notch.

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