Irresistibly Delicious Snow Hop Cones Cakes!


During the holiday season do not have to be enslaved in the kitchen for hours to delight loved ones with sweet treats witch equally will enjoy all of generations.

These perfect creaking cakes with chocolate cornflakes you will prepared very quickly, and much more quickly will disappear from the plates. In the spirit of the holidays they can become snow hop cones that will bright up your table.


400 g chocolate cornflakes,

150 g sugar,

8 tablespoons of honey,

250 g margarine,

100 g sesame,

100 g cooking chocolate,

1 spoon of cocoa.



1. Baked the sesame it and leave it aside.
2. In a pot for cooking put the margarine and melt it on a low heat. Then add the sugar, honey, cooking chocolate and cocoa. Stir until you have a equal mixture.
3.Take the pot from the fire and then stir the mixture with the chocolate cornflakes and browned sesame.
4. And mixed Good. Model yours hop cones using mold. Fill the inside of mold with the mixture.
5. Shaped cookies leave in the refrigerator, at least at least half an hour.


Suggestion for decorating: Spread the cookies with coconut powder before you put them in the fridge to get the most delicious snow hop cones.

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