iPhone 7 Would Have Unbreakable Screen!?

iphone broken

US giant Apple may have a solution to one of our biggest problems – when our phone falls out of our hand? Let us consider how future iPhone 7 would be indestructible in this area ..

One of the biggest problems today with our phones, is not the screen performance or battery … but they are too “soft” if they accidentally fall. The result is usually broken screen and components that would cost at least hundreds of euros.Apple filed a patent that tries to solve this. It is a motorized device / part inside the phone, which in case of a fall would be activated and would have turned the phone to drop the strongest / least vulnerable side.

In practice, this means that if you drop your phone and he began to fall with the screen facing the floor, this device would have redirected the phone in the air to fall on the back of the cabinet, which is made of aluminum and would have caused at least damage.

If Apple succeeds to implement this in the next iPhone, we expect many tests on this topic!

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