Incredible Illusion: Ghost Ship Appeared in Amsterdam!

ghost ship 2

On the festival of light installations in Amsterdam, this year was presented the mysterious light illusion from the Romanian company “Visual SKIN”. Under the name “Ghost Ship”, this project shows 3D ship from the 17th century.


There are placed two crossed pictures of boat and water spray, which together make phenomenal installation that is visible from multiple angles. For this to work, it has been used four water pumps mounted on pontoons.

Pumps emit jets of water about nine meters long, that intersect at right angles. They are lightened only by using two stage spotlights mounted on the port.

gost ship

However, this installation is not resistant to natural elements, because the wind would completely disrupted the appearance of the ship.


If you take a trip to Amsterdam, you’ll be able to see this installation, which will be set up to January 18, 2015.

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