Homemade Pizza-Pasta!

pizza pasta

We all enjoy a tasty Italian meal. Imagine you can merge two Italian meals in one. The following recipe allows it.

You need:

500 g of pasta,

chopped salami and grated cheese,


30 g of oil,

1/2 spoon of red pepper,

1 egg,

50 g of yogurt,

tomato sauce,



pizza pasta


Drain the boiled pasta and spice them with spices. Put the oil on fire to warm up a bit and then get out of the fire, add the red pepper, mix and pour on the pasta.Then put 4 spoons tomato sauce, and mix the pasta.  Above the pasta put salami, mushrooms and cheese, and spice with oregano. Then  bake the pasta in oven at 150 degrees until the cheese starts to melt. When it begins to melt pour the pizza-pasta with beaten egg mixed with yogurt and return to the oven until the egg and yogurt mixture is baked. You can consume the pizza-pasta with tomato sauce or other desired sauce. Enjoy your meal.

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