Healing Mask That Erases Years From Your Face!

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After use of this mask, the skin will look younger, smooth and shiny.

To prevent premature aging and make your skin flawless beautiful Japanese use rice mask. Rice is rich with B vitamins that stimulate the growth and renewal of cells, slow down aging and improve blood flow to the skin.


2-3 tablespoons rice,

1 tablespoon milk,

1 tablespoon honey.

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Take 2-3 tablespoons raw rice of your choice and cook it well until soft (first place the rice in cold water, then gradually heated and so let it boil). Then strain it and the rest of the water leave it, because you will need it later.

When the rice is ready wash it with water and add one tablespoon hot milk, stir it and add one spoon honey.

Directions for use:

Apply the mask in a thick layer on clean face and neck.

After half an hour, carefully remove the mask and wash it with water you have left it from the rice. Rice water hydrates the skin, contains antioxidants so it prevents pigment spots, while the existing become lighter.

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