Have You Heard About This Tourist Attraction ‘’Giant’s Causeway’’!?

Whenever we think that we have seen and read about unusual masterpieces of Mother Nature, we learn more about the new wonder that simple again leaves us speechless. This case is no exception.

Known for thousands of hexagonal pillars that rise alternately as rocks, Giant’s Causeway is a geological wonder that at first glance looks like something that could be made by the man.

Giants Causeway cellules polygonales

But, it’s not like that! It is unusual natural formations created during the Paleogene, or 65-23 million years ago, when the territory of Northern Ireland was under the influence of strong volcanic activity.

During this period, the molten basalt came in contact with the limestone, created large areas of lava pools. Given that the lava cooled quickly, these pools fired and created more than 40,000 hexagonal columns with different heights. Today they look like giant rocks, and the highest pillar is 12 meters high.


Like most of the natural wonders, and this geological wonder there are many stories and legends. Thus, according to legend, the Irish Giant Fionn Mac constructed these pillars to make it easier to jump in Scotland and thus defeat its enemy Benandoner.

But before you go in Scotland, sleeping giant, and Benandoner took advantage of this opportunity and arrived in Ireland. To protect his sleep man’s wife Fiona has masqueraded as his child, so when Benandoner came to Northern Ireland has seen “enormous child” and think – how much bigger is his father!?

Giants Causeway

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