Gentlemen! Do They Exist?


True Gentleman is very difficult to meet. In a world in which many core values are lost and forgotten, that should not surprise us. Relaying, connections for an evening and many other reckless things why everything rarely feel free to be what they are, and are always ready for the worst. Most of the men are no longer even try, and women do not expect. But sometimes, though rarely run into a man who is guided by the good old gentleman norms of behavior and then realize that there is still hope. Given that small things and romantic gestures are those who conquer us first, following nine things prove that gentlemen still exist.

Opening the door of a car

One of gentleman gesture undoubtedly wins many points at females. To the girl shows that male care and it will think more about her than before. So is not it like a scene from one of her favorite love movies?

boy and girl

Keeping the last bite of food for her

An old adage says that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach, so when the man heard the last bite of a woman, then it certainly means a lot to him. Small gesture won much of the heart of a woman.

Watching female film 

Men hate love Hollywood movies. All of them are the same and all include many crying which they can never understand. So if he still separates two hours of their time to watch a movie that certainly does not like it, they will get the extra points with his girlfriend because they deserved.

Spending time with the family of the girl

Males mostly do not have much desire to make friends with the family of the girl, perhaps because of some unwritten fear of her father and his patronizing attitude towards it. When man does this mean that he loves the girl and spending time with the people who mean the most to her is a small price to pay for her happiness.

gentleman and roses

Giving  flowers 

Incredibly romantic and beautiful gesture that every girl falls, however says that it is not that type of girl. A bouquet of her favorite flowers is perfect thing.

 Fuel dispensers in car

I filled the tank to the maximum so the car will not stop somewhere. This gesture is so rare and certainly surprising, that will surely leave you speechless and she made it clear how much is beloved.

Kissing in the forefront

Although interpreted as fraternal-friendly sign, if it is a long-term relationship, it is too nice gesture for the woman who feels adored and super secure beside her man.

Assist dressing the coat

Old, good and classic gentleman move that wins every time. If you help her to adjust her coat or if she is cold give her your coat, these are gestures that are always welcome.

Going on the side of the pavement

Outside it was raining and the streets are flooded with water, and the car somewhere fast passes by you, will completely get wet her so because of it, just for that reason go on the side of the pavement. Protective and caring gesture like this is worth a lot right?

Male specific and different way show that they care. What about the girl’s romantic, it may be quite incomprehensible gesture of male. But gentleman moves never get wrong, so when you come across a man who cherishes the old good manners, he is of those damages.

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