For Successful Relationship You Must go Through 3 Stages


Regardless of whether you are married, in a relationship or still free, you should know that each relationship must go through three key stages to be successful and permanent.

The initial attraction is transient and you have to be aware that life energy which shares or share with another person is an extremely important factor in the continued success of the relationship. Do you know why couples in long bonds shine with love and respect for one another? Because their love gone through three phases:

Wild Passion


Wild Passion is simply the initial phase of excitement and romance, and after that first period starts to wane, couples are in the second phase, which leads to a feeling of disappointment.



Couples are disappointed because they reveal that the initial excitement is no longer here and the relationship is getting boring. At this stage the partners are more familiar, are made aware of their differences, and with that, their relationship is getting deeper and with that they are entering the third phase.

Getting deeper in the relationship, once again

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The third stage is important to recall the feelings that possessed you when you met, and what it is that you attract each other. You have to find time for each other and to start everything from scratch.

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