Delicious Christmas Cookies: Sweet Stars!



For the dough:

250 g margarine (or 200 gr. butter),

500 g  Flour,

150 g sugar,

2 eggs,

1 baking powder,

1 vanilla sugar.

christmas cookies

For the filling:


Powdered sugar for dusting.


Mix the flour, sugar and baking powder and vanilla sugar . Then add the chopped butter and mix the mixture. Then add eggs and mix again.

Roll out the dough, and then make mold star with mold. Every second star made it with smaller mold in the shape of a star to remove the middle. If you do not have mold, then cut the dough with a knife in the form of stars.


Bake the dough. Once they are done you have to merge them in full stars, the hole in the center full it with jam. Same you have to do with the smaller stars and serve them together with the large ones. On the end sprinkle the stars with powder sugar.

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