Change Your Passwords Immediately: Hackers Reported Thousands of Passwords from Users of Popular Sites!


13,000 usernames and passwords are published, which is not a large number, but the goal were popular sites that a lot of people are using them. The list of sites whose passwords are published, are found Amazon, Walmart, Xbox Live, Hulu Plus and many more.


Today is truly a day to change the password on all your online orders. Namely, it is speculated that most hackers of the world, anonymous, published more than 13,000 passwords and credit card information from sites such as Amazon, Walmart, Xbox Live, Hulu Plus and many more.


As Daily Dot pointed, many believe that this is not really official attack Anonymous. Since the organization is decentralized and leaderless, it is very difficult to determine whether this has been done by Anonymous.


However, chances are that behind this attack did not stand Anonymous, but a person who wanted to attract attention who used old passwords and data credit cards.

In order to be sure that your online profiles are completely safe, we recommend you to change passwords for access.

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