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It has been shown that preventive medicine is very useful for people and pets. Prevention of disease is far superior and better than trying to reverse the course of the disease when it already appears. Proper nutrition, vaccination, disease screening and prophylactic measures, such as removing tartar from teeth are very important to ensure the health and longevity of your pet. Routine preventive measures are key to a better quality of life for your pet.

With preventing disease starts very early. Puppies and kittens are very susceptible to viruses and parasites. They should be tested and treated if necessary by protozoa in the digestive organs. Parasites can cause anemia, and even death if they are present in large numbers. Until the parasites begin to throw eggs after few weeks so together with the chair eliminates can be throw out of body, so it is necessary to do several times a stool during the first 16 weeks of age. Most intestinal parasites are not visible to the naked eye in the chair.

Vaccines protect your pet from infectious diseases. When they are about 6 weeks old, puppies and kittens lose their antibodies from their mothers and are protected them from birth. Vaccination begins at this age and repeated every 3-4 weeks until they are 12-16 weeks. The immune system at this age is not fully developed, so it can not achieve complete protection with a single vaccine. When they grow up, the vaccine is repeated annually.

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Proper nutrition is important at all stages of life. Ready-made pet food is designed to meet the daily needs for nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that will help your pet to be healthy. The remains of the table are not well balanced and usually contain a large amount of fat and salt. They can only contribute to your pet becoming overweight. The vet will recommend food that will satisfy the needs of your dog or cat.

For early detection of the disease are important regular checkups at the veterinarian. Your veterinarian may recommend tests on the basis of which can be detected early dysfunction of the bodies or metabolic disorders such as diabetes, thyroid disease, or Cushing’s disease. Older pets can be measured blood pressure, ECG or X-rays may be needed if detected a heart murmur. Detecting problems before they occur obvious symptoms provides a much better prognosis. Symptom means that the damage may already have occurred in the body. It is important to consult with your veterinarian if you notice any change in the quantity of water that your pet drinks, appetite, their physiological needs or level of activity.

It has been shown that prophylactic dental care reduces the possibility of transmission of infection from the oral cavity to the heart and other vital organs. In addition to brushing your teeth, your dog or cat will occasionally be necessary professional dispersing lime, before developing periodontal disease. Ultrasonic removal of tartar and tooth polishing helps to eliminate bacteria hidden in the scale that lead to infection, pain and loss of teeth.


Protection against parasites is important to avoid diseases transmitted by fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. Adults pets can have intestinal parasites, without manifesting symptoms. Mosquitoes transmit heartworm, ticks causes Lyme disease and ehrlichiosis, a flea hemobartonelu, blood parasite that causes anemia cat. Some of these diseases can be contagious to humans. The vet will help you to choose a safe and easy to use, preventive composition that is applied once a month and that will protect your pet from parasites, and your family from zoonoses.

Do not forget that the period of one year is not the same for you and your pet. Going to the vet once a year, equivalent to our departure to the doctor once in ten years. Many changes in the body can occur between the two views. That’s why veterinarians recommend twice yearly checkups for dogs and cats. Early detection of disease will significantly reduce the progression of damage in the body and improve treatment.

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