7 Tips How to Care Your Lips in Winter!

beautiful lips

Cracked lips are common in winter. Parched skin of the lips is often very painful, and it takes more time and care to recover. To prevent this, here are some tips that will help your lips to be soft throughout the winter.

Drink water – cracked lips are a result of dehydration. So drink enough fluids at about eight glasses a day, even in winter.

Use conditioner – balm should always be at your hand. Use it whenever you feel the need.

Protect your lips with scarf – When you are at cold and wind your lips must protect with a scarf.

Not wet your lips – If you wet your lips they will further dry. If you do not like your lips to become cracked and rough, never wet your lips.

Embrace your lips before bed –Give your lips at night richer care. Oily conditioners, rich cream or petroleum jelly to feed and hydrates skin overnight.

Observe the SPF – Even in winter the skin need protection from harmful sun rays. So choose a conditioner that contains SPF to prevent drying and skin tanning of the lips.


Use moisturizing lipsticks – In winter, avoid matte lipsticks because it can easily dry lips. Chose lipsticks with hydration properties, which will additionally give your lips gloss and also will cherish them.

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