5 Things that Make Your Home be Targeted by Thieves

If you use the holidays or weekends to leave somewhere on vacation out of town, it not mean that thieves are resting. Contrary, these weekends and holidays periods, thieves use to rob homes. In a world where the average time that thief can break into a home for less than a minute, and rob you in five, you need to know how to protect your property.

Valuable objects on visible places

For example, a TV can be seen from the windows and it is a target that is attractive to thieves. Expensive luxury car parked outside the house shows that it is a home filled with valuable things. So when you are not at home, or traveling somewhere, park the car in the garage and close the blinds on the windows.

Bunch of mails

Full open mailbox

Bunch of letters, bills and flyers at the door or in the mailbox is a sign that the owners of the house were not at home for some time, and that points that the house is empty. There are cases when the thieves left leaflets on the door and after 48 hours came to see if it’s still there, if it’s still there then the house is empty and it is a good target for robbery. To avoid this, before to leave somewhere for a longer time, ask neighbors to pick the mail from your doorstep.

Lack of assurance system

Consider the option of setting up a security system in your home, like cameras or alarm. There are different options for different budget, but the important is that cameras are scary for thieves, and if this happens you will have proof.

Home Insurance

Obvious places to hide the key

Leaving extra key under a rock, flowerpot or carpet on front door is a bad idea, because this is the first places thieves will check. Instead, give the key to a trustworthy neighbor.

A house without light

When you are on a trip, you need to create the illusion that you are at home. Leave some lights and radio on, or similar stuffs. The best would be to set up a external lights with automatically sensors that turns on in dark.

House Lights

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