3 Rules Of Which Victoria Beckham Has Never Gives Up

Victoria Bechkam 2

Daily planner of Victoria Beckham is more than full, besides her job she is mother of four children, and Ambassador at will. Despite the heavy schedule, the ice queen always manages to look flawless. They are 3 rules for her beauty, health and fashion of which never gives up: Visit a dermatologist that offers treatments with oxygen. This improves blood circulation through the face, so the skin gets a new fresh. Go to this treatment once every few months, and every day at home use tonic for cleaning and moisturizing cream.  I think it is very important to drink enough water and sleep more. One more importance is more likely to eat fish, fruit and vegetables. Also, do not forget exercise and gym. Also, do not forget exercise and gym. Personally, I work out every day. When you have a bad day, dress simplest. In the wardrobe should always have a comfortable dress, sweater, boots and high quality bag to put them together without much thought.

Victoria Beckham

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