15 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Music

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Many people do not know that music, besides bringing joy, also affects their health and scientists have proven this through a series of surveys.

Here are some reasons why you should start each day with music:

Helps for better sleep

Music contributes to a healthy sleep. The researchers found that the classical music helps with insomnia, especially among students. Listening classical music is more cost effective option for improvement of dream disorders, instead of medications.

Reduces the stress

No wonder that music affects the reduction of stress. Surveys show that music stimulates biochemical stress reducers that help us to feel better.

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Helps to reach yourself

By improving our mood, music can touch our emotions, according to a study from 2013. Participants emphasized the “self-awareness” as one of the most important advantages of music.

Pain relieve

Music has the ability to reduce the intensity of pain. It activates the sensory pathways in a way that distract the person from pain.

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Fighting anxiety

When you feel anxious, listening music helps against anxiety and has the same effect on the brain as body massage.

Act as a motivator for cyclists and runners

A study performed by students has proved that people who ride static bikes, they ride more dynamic while listening music, compared with those who not. If you prefer running, listening to your favorite songs will help you overthrow your personal records and strengthen your endurance. In short, music helps to perform exercises more efficiently and with enjoy.

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Helps to recover faster after workout

It has been proven that the body recovers faster after hard workouts when you are listening to music, especially favorite ones.

Fighting against sadness

Music can successfully resist the symptoms of depression, but the genre is very important. Classical and meditation music may improve the mood when we feel sad, but listening heavy metal or techno would not help much in the expulsion of bad thoughts.

It facilitates the function of blood vessels

Scientists have proven that the emotions that people have while listening to music contributed to healthier functioning of blood vessels. As the music makes you feel happier, increases blood flow in blood vessels.

Helps recovery from stroke

A Finnish study discovered, if patients with stroke listen to music for two hours a day, will recover more quickly. Not only improves their mood, but also verbal abilities and attention.

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Improves efficiency in stressful situations

Dynamic music may reduce stress in some situations such as in an important game. The researchers have proven that listening to music before dynamic competition can free players from stress and improve their performance.

Makes you careful to nutrition

Listening music during meals helps people enjoy eating food. In this way they become aware what they consume and actually taste the food, instead of eating it quickly which causes feeling hungry and with unsatisfied with the meal.

Improves the cognitive functions

Listening to music while working on a task can increase your mental focus and your performance. The research shows that it can increase the cognitive abilities of the individual, but only if they have the same effects on the emotional condition.

Music can lead to a stage similar to meditation

Slow music can affect the speed of brain waves, making them similar to brain waves of someone who is in the hypnotic state or meditation. It has a healing effect and facilitates the symptoms of PMS and severe behavior problems.

Makes it easier for patients that need to be operated

One study found that the patients who were listening to music before cardiovascular surgery, felt less worried. Music reduces stress after surgery if patients listen to music while resting.

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