15 Destinations That Will be Popular in 2015!

beach in cuba

1. Bosnia and Herzegovina

It is one of the most picturesque places and everyone can find their favorite part. Rarely prominent country as a tourist attraction, but worth to visit.


bosnia and herzegovina

2. Ireland

With its green landscapes and rainy days, Ireland is special in its own way. Try to escape from the everyday cliché  to stay with the image of many parts of the intact nature not very open, but worth the search. There live friendliest people cheering that you will want to be with someone in the Irish pubs.


West Coast Ireland

3. Patagonia, Chile

The view that offers you this place, you want to save yourself and if something should be your ultimate goal, then it is this place would have imagined the most beautiful prize awaits the target. Here you away from all, but the closest to you.



4. Belgrade, Serbia

Perhaps it is not a typical tourist town to stay and rest, but definitely going through it many tourists, accidental or intentional. Belgrade is increasingly turning into a European metropolitan that has something to offer modern and historic.


cathedral of saint sava belgrade

5. Tasmania, Australia

In recent years, is only mentioned as an area in Australia, but still no primate tourist destination. It is known that there have the cleanest air, are most enthusiastic crowds and places untouched wildlife and much more.

wineglass bay


6. Oman

If you want to discover the tradition of Middle East culture and authenticity, then Oman is the right place. It is one of the safest countries in the world. It is expected soon to become very popular.


Sinkhole Oman

7. Philippines

The  heavenly landscapes you can not see anywhere else. This is one of the destinations which must to visit once. The special feeling that it causes, lifestyle and freedom that there you feel will make you this to be your tourist destination.


philippines city

8. New Zealand

For many people this place is the first choice for a tourist destination. Here you can see everything in one place. Since modern technology, to wild and untouched nature. There’s an old architecture and new buildings, and warm climate and proximity to the ocean just makes it even more attractive to visit.

new zealand

new zealand

9. Nicaragua

It is one of the main places to visit in Central America. Accessible to everyone, without overdoing the prices, open to all tourists. Particularly suited to those who are in transit in this section and have the desire to discover a new place.


Granada Nicaragua

10. Morocco

Whether you want to see the magic carpets that are made by hand or want to walk the streets of Fez, Morocco really has nothing to discover. Here you can experience something special and different. Morocco will remain one of most attractive tourist destinations.

Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah


11. Atacama Desert, Chile

This place is not in the least what we expect and assume. This is the driest desert, home of cactuses, salt, glaciers and many more things that can be detected and you will be win by them.



12. South African safari

If something is a tourist challenge, then it is an African safari. With the most exotic wildlife that you can closely view. In addition you can walk with real lions and giraffes that will horrify you and will increase your adrenaline, and will show you how you are brave.

elephants and safari jeep south africa

african safari sunset

13. Turkey

From colorful markets in Istanbul, to the rock caves in Cappadocia and the festival of balloons flying, Turkey can completely won you. You mast see this destination during 2015.



14. Madagascar

If you want to discover something truly unique, then it is exactly this place. The wilderness and nature that are joined together to make like you’re in something unreal. Madagascar is a place that will surely win and which will be not able to compare with any other.


Madagascar Avenue of Baobob Trees

15. Cuba

It seems like Cuba is asleep in a different time, but that it will escape you from the everyday and ordinary. Cuba has a special spirit that overcomes you and now offers you the opportunity to relax and feel like you’re part of the people there. All is differently there, but you need to visit to make sure!

DrG Cuba


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