11 Powerful Reasons to Smile!


Mother Teresa once said, “Peace begins with a smile,” but whether the same is true for health? Many studies have confirmed that smile has thousands of benefits to human health, and therefore should always find time to laugh. See the next 11 benefits of sincere smile .


  1. Laughter reduces stress and anxiety.
  2. Laughing releases endorphin in your brain, a hormone that makes you feel good.
  3. Laughing helps in the control of pain.
  4. Laughing strengthens immunity.
  5. Laughter enhances your performance.
  6. Laughing can make you feel more comfortable in certain social settings.
  7. Laughing makes you look like a person that can be trusted.
  8. Laughing relaxes the people around you.
  9. Laughing helps you be a better leader.
  10. Laughter can help you make more positive.
  11. Laughing helps with business success.


No matter what kind of smile, laughter is a simple and quick way to improve your life. Not only will it help you, it will help the people around you. Marilyn Monroe always spoke, “Keep laughing, because life is a wonderful thing and there are so many things that need to laugh.” We have to say that laughter brings countless benefits, even if at the moment you do not feel like it. It has the power to turn things in quite the opposite direction and almost instantly improve your well being.

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